Rusks are twice-baked biscuits, very similar to biscotti, but not as sweet and with much more fiber in the whole wheat rusks. 

Ubuntu traditional South African rusks are made with real butter, creamy buttermilk, farm fresh eggs and wheat flour, and no preservatives are added. Each batch of rusks is lovingly made our commercial bakery in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada.

After the rusks are baked and portioned, they are dried overnight in a cool oven. This long drying time ensures an extended shelf life - making rusks ideal for travelling and long road trips - with no need for refrigeration. 

 Enjoy rusks a meal, with coffee or tea or as a snack. We use rusk crumbs as a base for cheesecake, and as a substitute for Graham Crackers- or Tennis Biscuit crumbs. Some of our customers eat rusks as a cereal with milk, or crumble rusks over yogurt. You can choose whole wheat or white buttermilk rusks. Our rusks are available in 500 g and 2 kg packages.

Our rusks taste so much better than Ouma's!

Whole wheat buttermilk rusks

And just in case you are wondering how to enjoy your rusks - watch comedian Barry Hilton's YouTube skit on how "the rusk test":